Facebook Password Hacker

A dummy app to make it seem like your facebook was hacked

  • Category Funny
  • License Free
  • Version 1.1
  • Size 2 MB
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.macrotox.facebookpasswordhacker
  • Author Macrotox

Facebook Password Hacker is an Android app that can help you recover a Facebook password.

As the app name suggests, Facebook Password Hacker is an app designed to help you “recover” an account password without going through standard Facebook channels, such as its password recovery system. In order to recover a password, you must provide some information about the account, such as the username or email address associated with it. Without that data, there’s little that this app or any other like it can do for you.

The app itself is fairly easy to use. You can provide it a path to the page or fill out various information, such as email and username. The more information you can provide, the more effective this app can be. This app doesn’t always work or even work most of the time in our experience, but when it does work, it works fast, and when it fails, it fails fast. When it works, it will not only give you the password but automatically navigate you to the page, log in and so forth.

The developer promises 100 percent success. Although an effective app, where not convinced this claim is true. Another issue we have is the potential for abuse. The developer presents the app for personal use or as a proof of concept only, but we all know most who use this app do so with misuse in mind. Also, if you do use this for your own account, you can actually lock yourself out and cause yourself more trouble. You’re much better off going through official Facebook channels as needed.


  • Can recover Facebook passwords
  • When it works, it works fast


  • Potential for abuse
  • Can lock you out of your account